GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS is an Internet web site giving users free access to information available at the time of connection.  These Terms and Conditions both general and specific apply to the products and services provided by Maloc.  Purchasing these products and services online signifies the client’s acceptance of the following General Conditions.

Contractual details are given here in French and English and they will be re-stated during the online purchase procedure.  Maloc reserves the right to cancel any booking from any client with whom there may exist a dispute concerning payment with no recourse to compensation under any circumstances whatsoever.
Validation of a purchase signifies that the client accepts fully and unreservedly these Terms and Conditions, both general and specific.
The data recorded by Maloc on the web site constitute proof of all transactions between Maloc and its clients.
The data recorded by the payment system constitute proof of financial transactions.
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  • 1    Object
  • 2    Price
  • 3    3a.  Payment
  • 4    3b.  Administration charge
  • 5    Security guarantee
  • 6    Tourist taxes
  • 7    Changes made to key booking details by the provider
  • 8    Changes made to key booking details by the client
  • 9    Cancellation
  • 10    Cancellation insurance
  • 11    Abandonment of stay
  • 12    Specific requests
  • 13    Arrival and departure times
  • 14    Security deposits/lost keys
  • 15    Inventory
  • 16    Premises
  • 17    Responsibility
  • 18    Complaints
  • 19    Accuracy of information
  • 20    Penalty clause
  • 21    Termination of contract
  • 22    Law, amicable or judicial resolution of disputes

NOTE !  The content of the web site has been compiled with the greatest attention to detail.  However, errors and inaccuracies may occur.  Furthermore, we draw your attention to the fact that the photos in our brochures and web site are non-contractual and we are not responsible for their accuracy.  They are for illustrative purposes only.

1. Object :

Each contract is for holiday accommodation.  Clients may not use the apartments, villas or chalets as main or secondary residences.  They may not take up permanent residence, nor undertake any commercial, artisanal or professional activity.  The Act of 6 July 1989 concerning residential leases cannot be applied to the current contract notably in regard to tenure.  Consequently, the contract is governed by the provisions of the Code Civil and by these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Price:

Maloc reserves the right to amend its prices at any time.  Holidays are invoiced according to the tariffs in force when a booking is recorded.  The price includes all taxes (TTC) and is shown in Euros.  All payments, from whatever source, must be made in Euros.  Prices are per property per week, unless otherwise indicated.  They do not include tourist tax, supplementary services, package deals (unless otherwise indicated), nor the security deposit payable by the client on arrival.  The products on offer and the prices are valid whilst they can be viewed on the web site.

3a. Payment :

When booking online, the client must pay part or all of the cost of the stay according to the date of arrival*:
* Less than 30 days prior to arrival date : total amount must be paid online when the booking is made.
* More than 30 days prior to arrival date: a 25% deposit must be paid when the booking is made; 65% to be paid one month before arrival.  Final payment must be made online within 72 hours after the email reminder is sent.

Online payment is secure.  Payment must be made by bank card.  The following cards are accepted: CB, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  The client is required to complete the total payment of the holiday by the due date.  Once the client has paid the deposit, this authorises Maloc to debit his bank card with the remaining payment/s on the due date/s.  If the client wishes to pay the balance of his holiday by another form of payment (cheque, transfer, or other bank card), he must inform Maloc 8 days before the due date.  If such alternative method of payment is not notified within this time, Maloc will automatically debit the client’s bank card with the appropriate amount.
NB : To make online payment even safer, you will be asked to include your security code when placing an order.  This is the last 3 digits on the signature strip on the back of your bank card (for American Express, the 4-digit number on the back of the card).

3b. Administration charge :

An administration charge is payable when a booking is made and is in addition to the cost of the rental.  For all bookings made online via the web site, there is an administration charge of 9 Euros*.

4. Security Guarantee :

We guarantee the complete safety of all transactions because we use PAYBOX as our secure Internet server with the most effective encryption system available, SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  This is the most widely used system for protecting the exchange of information online between client and provider.  No-one has access to your bank card details.  This system is compatible with the latest versions of all browsers.  When asked to enter your payment details the following pictograms will be displayed:  show pictograms.  This ensures that the site is secure and that your bank card details are fully protected.  SSL encrypts your bank details as they are keyed in and they cannot be accessed during the transaction.

5. Tourist taxes :

These taxes, not included in the tariffs, vary from 0.30 Euros to 1.60 Euros per person per night and are determined by the local councils (Conseils Municipaux des Communes) who are in charge of tourist accommodation.  We are obliged to collect tourist taxes from our clients and forward them to the councils.

6. Changes made to key booking details by the provider :

In case of force majeure or unforeseen events, Maloc reserves the right to alter its services, partly or wholly, in regard to both accommodation and optional extras.  Services not provided will not be invoiced.  In this case, having first been advised of any such alteration/s, by fax, email or telephone, and provided the alteration is confirmed by registered letter, the client may either:
- terminate the contract and receive the immediate reimbursement of monies paid, without penalty;
- accept the alteration/s or the alternative holiday proposed by Maloc.  In this case, an amended contract confirming such alteration/s will be drawn up and signed by all parties; any reduction in price will be deducted from the amount that may remain to be paid by the client, and if the sum already paid by the client exceeds the cost of the amended service, the surplus amount will be reimbursed to him before the date of departure..

7. Changes made to key booking details by the client :

If the client wishes to amend a booking after it has been confirmed, we will do our best to assist.  Depending upon availability, and at the discretion of Maloc, a rental period may be extended if requested by the client, but Maloc is under no obligation to offer this in the property originally rented nor at the same price.  When an extended rental period is accepted at a new price, the new price will be applicable as from the initial date of arrival.  Any such modification must be notified by letter, accompanied by a cheque for 35 Euros to cover administration charges, no later than 31 days prior to the date of arrival.  Failure to do so will be taken as cancellation of the original booking and will be subject to the cancellation conditions as stated below.

8. Cancellation conditions :

When a client cancels his booking the following sums are retained :
- more than 30 days prior to the date of arrival: 25% of the rental cost;
- less than 30 days prior to the date of arrival: 100% of the total cost of the holiday.
Cancellations must be notified in writing to Maloc.  A cancellation is effective on the date it is received (as evidenced by the postmark).  In exceptional circumstances Maloc reserves the right to cancel a booking within 24 hours of its having been made online, in which case the client’s bank card will not be debited.

9. Cancellation insurance :

Clients must ensure they have valid cancellation insurance cover.

10. Abandonment of stay :

The client has no entitlement to compensation or reimbursement if he abandons or interrupts his stay for any reason whatsoever (including strike, medical repatriation etc).  Services not used will not be reimbursed.

11. Special requests :

If you have a specific request, such as ground-floor accommodation, a particular property, enclosed garden etc, please contact us before making your booking online.

12. Arrival and departure times :

Properties are available for clients from 14.00 hours.  On the day of departure properties must be vacated by 12.30 hours at the latest.  Clients should arrive as per the day and time stipulated in the contract.  In case of a late arrival or any other change, the client must advise Maloc.

13. Security deposits/lost keys :

13.1 : Two deposits are to be paid by the client on arrival, one for the premises and one for the cleaning, between 15 and 250 Euros according to the number of people the property can accommodate.
13.2 : The deposits are returned 15 days after the date on which the client vacates the property. This delay allows Maloc to check for possible damage that may not be immediately obvious.  If further cleaning, repairs, or replacement of damaged or broken items are required, the cost incurred will be withheld from the security deposit and justified by means of an invoice or similar document.  Each key lost from an apartment, house or villa will be invoiced to the client at 40 Euros.  During his stay, the client is wholly liable and responsible for all items broken or damaged and for any resulting damage which may occur to the fixtures and fittings.

14. Inventory :

Rental properties are fully equipped with crockery, cutlery and bedding, excluding sheets and household linen (unless these are requested by the client at the time of booking and charged as a supplementary amount).  On this point clients must note that it is expressly forbidden to use the beds without sheets.  Maloc checks the inventory in the presence of the client.  The inventory is signed by the client who must notify the person in charge immediately any anomalies or missing items are noticed after the inventory has been checked by Maloc.  On arrival, it is in the client’s own interest to check the inventory and fixtures and fittings, and make sure that all household appliances and the plumbing are working correctly.  Unless otherwise notified within 24 hours of arrival, the property is presumed to be in good condition and in accordance with the signed inventory.

15. Properties :

Each rental property will be made available to the client in good working condition.  The client must use the premises and equipment with due consideration.  All premises available to clients comply with current French safety standards and are regularly inspected.  They are equipped for holiday lettings.  The description of each property systematically states the maximum number of people that can be accommodated.  Under no circumstances may a property be occupied by more than the number of people stipulated in the contract.  Some properties offer facilities such as shared or private pools, saunas and games, or a range of activities linked to other services: in these cases clients must make sure beforehand that they are physically fit, in good health and capable of using such equipment or participating in these activities.  They must also ensure they know and understand the instructions for use, maintenance and security and will comply with them.  If such instructions are not complied with or more generally when there is negligence on the part of the users, Maloc will not be liable for any damages, loss or injury to the said users.  Maloc reserves the right to deny access to equipment or services to any person who refuses to conform to the instructions for use and the safety standards.

16. Responsibility :

Maloc shall accept no responsibility for the theft of or damage to the client’s personal effects on the premises, including from safe deposit boxes, communal areas, parking lots and other outbuildings annexed to the property.  The provisions of the Code Civil (art 1952 and following) regarding the civil responsibility of hoteliers do not apply.  Similarly, we will not be responsible for any injury, illness or death sustained by clients engaged in sporting or other activities.  Maloc will not be held responsible for unforeseen events, force majeure or inconveniences which disturb, interrupt or prevent the client’s stay. The client must ensure that he has valid multi-risk and public liability insurance cover, including extended household insurance, with a reputable company, proof of which could be provided if required by Maloc.
* Children under 16 are the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians for the duration of their stay unless otherwise agreed.

17. Complaints :

In the unlikely event of a complaint during his stay, the client must immediately inform the Director or Head Receptionist, in order to resolve the problem speedily.
If an immediate solution cannot be found, the client must send written details of his complaint within 28 days from the date of arrival.  Beyond this period no complaint will be accepted and will be considered as void.  In all cases and without exception, a complaint will only be considered as admissible if the client has made full payment of the cost of the holiday.

19. Penalty clause :

For each failure to pay by the due date, an administration fee of 15 Euros will be charged to the client, effective from the second payment reminder.  In the event of a dispute, any amount owed will be compounded by administration fees and interest at the current rates, plus any possible management and recovery costs.

20. Termination of contract :

A contract will be automatically terminated without the need to resort to legal proceedings if the client fails to fulfil one or any of his obligations, or by his behaviour causes a disturbance to the holiday of other clients, or if he misuses the Maloc web site.  In such circumstances the client must surrender the keys forthwith and will be evicted without notice.

21. Law; amicable or judicial resolution of disputes :

Before instigating any legal proceedings, all parties to the contract undertake to attempt to resolve their dispute amicably, under penalty of foregoing the right subsequently to have their claim heard by Tribunal.  Should they fail to reach an amicable resolution of their dispute, the parties will assign the matter to the appropriate section of the Court of Appeal in Rennes.

For answers to any of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Maloc is the registered trademark of the MALOC company, a simplified joint stock company, with a capital of 10,000 Euros, registered at RCS (Registre du Commerce des Sociétés) Saint Malo, Number 809342991, head office 54 rue du Grand Jardin, 35400 Saint Malo