Find your holiday rental property


Are you owner ?

Do you have a home on the Emerald Coast
or in Mont St Michel Bay that you don’t use
all the time ?

Launch yourself, with MALOC the specialist agency, into the holiday rental market.  Short-stay lettings while you’re away, in total confidence.

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Are you holidaymaker ?

 You’d like to find a holiday home in the Saint Malo, Cancale, Dinard area ? A weekend apartment ?
Or seminar venue ?

MALOC is a local agency, operating along the Emerald Coast and Mont Saint Michel Bay.

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You’re looking for a property to rent,
Why choose MALOC ?

MALOC can guarantee an excellent, on-the-spot service, to ensure a quality, short-stay holiday at any time of year.

MALOC is a local agency and our team will be pleased to arrange your stay and welcome you to your chosen holiday home.

By making a holiday booking with MALOC, or marketing your property with us, you can rest assured that we will deliver a hassle-free experience.

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